Ninth press conference by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management

20 April 2020

It is important to mention that the gradual re-opening of the closed part of the Industrial Area will start on Wednesday 22nd April, commencing with the opening of Streets One and Street Two, in addition to Al Wakalat Street. Work is underway to open the remaining parts based on the medical situation and the public interest. As preparation for the gradual opening, about 6,500 workers from the 14th to 17th of April have been put into precautionary quarantine for proactive testing and examination despite not having shown any symptoms, in order to preserve their safety and the safety of residents of the area. And we ensure that we continue to provide food, medical supplies and high-quality healthcare to the residents of the area.

The relevant authorities will continue to intensify patrols, inspection checkpoints, and the apprehension of violators in accordance with the relevant laws, including the legislation related to preventing gatherings, applying safety measures in food establishments, and social distancing in stores.

Brothers and sisters,

We are now entering the “peak” stage of the Coronavirus outbreak. The adherence of the majority of the population to the preventive measures over the past few weeks was immensely appreciated, and this reflected a high sense of responsibility. It is necessary that we continue to follow these measures, the most important of which is not leaving our homes except for necessities, wearing masks, washing hands and sanitizing them, and following social distancing guidelines, especially given that we are mere days away from welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan.

This year, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, the holy month of Ramadan will have even deeper manifestations. As we all know, fasting is not only about abstinence from food and drink. It is also about refraining from causing harm, and this is embodied in staying home and applying the preventive measures to protect ourselves and others from the harms of infection.

Moreover, this is the month of benevolence, and being benevolent towards our relatives will not be by visiting them and exposing them to the risk of infection, some of whom are elderly, have high blood pressure, heart disease or have diabetes. Being kind to them will be by avoiding social visits at this time.

This month is the month of worship, God has granted us many great lessons to learn from during this crisis. Over the decades, humanity has been caught up in wars and conflicts, and consumerism has taken over all our lifestyles. Perhaps this pandemic is a reminder that God’s power is above all else and that from now on, we should focus on what adds value to ourselves, our communities and our countries.

Let us take this Ramadan as an opportunity to rearrange our priorities, focus on useful matters, and to pray to God to lift this cloud from above us.

May peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.