Seventh press conference by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management

1 April 2020

In the Name of Allah the Merciful, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

As per the directives of His Excellency the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior and the recommendations of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, the Council of Ministers has decided the following:

First: Extending the decision of the Council of Ministers issued at its regular meeting (12) for the year 2020, held on 3/18/2020, according to which it was decided, among other things, to reduce the number of employees present at the workplace in government agencies.

Second: Reducing the number of workers present in the workplace in the private sector to 20% of the total number of workers in each agency, and 80% of the rest of the workers start their work remotely from their homes.


1 – The working hours for employees and workers at their workplace in the government and private sectors will be six working hours per day, starting from seven in the morning until one in the afternoon.
2 – The food stores, pharmacies, and restaurants that do delivery orders are excluded from this decision. The Ministry of Trade and Industry, in coordination with the concerned authorities, shall determine other necessary activities exempted from this decision.
3 – All meetings held for employees and workers in government and private sectors shall be made using modern technical means, and in the event this is not possible, and in cases of necessity, the meeting shall be held by no more than 5 persons, taking into account the preventive measures determined by the Ministry of Public Health.


1- Temporary stopping of home services system provided by cleaning and hospitality companies.
2- Reducing the number of workers who are transported by buses to half the capacity of the bus, taking precautionary measures.
3 – The Ministry of Trade and Industry continues to intensify inspection procedures for food and food outlets to ensure that they comply with health requirements and preventive and precautionary measures and measures, including leaving the safe distance between shoppers.

Fifth – The following are excluded from the decisions referred to in items (First), and (Third / Items 1 and 3):
1 – Military
2- Security sector
3- Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions
4- Health sector
5- Oil and gas sector
6 – Employees of government agencies whose nature of their work requires their presence, according to what is decided by the head of the competent authority
7 – Workers in major state projects.

Sixth – These decisions are effective from Thursday 2/4/2020 for a period of two weeks. During this period, the situation will be evaluated to take the appropriate decision.

It has also been decided to extend the decision to suspend incoming flights to Doha, except for transit and air cargo. Qatari citizens abroad, in addition to the children of Qataris and spouses of Qatari citizens, and holders of permanent residence permit in the State of Qatar, can return at any time, provided that they undergo quarantine for a period of 14 days and notify the embassies of the State of Qatar in the countries from which they will come at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance, so that the necessary arrangements at the airport and quarantine facilities can be made.

In order to preserve the safety and security of residents of the closed part of the Industrial Area and that of the society, it has been decided to extend the closure, while ensuring that the flow of food and medical supplies to the area continues, as well as the continuation of medical tests and the provision of free medical services to all who are diagnosed with the infection and transfer to health facilities. We would like to remind you in this context that three mobile medical units have been dedicated to carry out the necessary tests for the residents of the area, in addition to six ambulances and the provision of three clinics in the area to provide medical care for other conditions.