Sixth press conference for the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management

26 March 2020

In the Name of Allah the Merciful, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Amir of the State Qatar, has issued a resolution to amend some provisions of Decree Law No. 17 of 1990 regarding the prevention of infectious diseases.

We thank the security services, represented by the Ministry of Interior and the Internal Security Forces (Lekhwiya), who spare no effort in implementing of all these laws and measures. We reiterate that there will be no compromise in applying relevant laws and procedures to all violators. The Public Prosecutor of the State of Qatar has announced the establishment of health prosecution specialised in investigating and dealing with all health-related crimes.

We also must extend our thanks to our nation’s first line of defense in this crisis, including doctors, medical staff and officials at the Ministry of Public Health who work around the clock to ensure the provision of high-quality medical services. You are the soldiers who defend us in this crisis. May God reward you richly.

As part of the continued efforts by the State of Qatar to reduce gatherings and implement the necessary preventive measures to halt the new Coronavirus outbreak, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has decided to completely shut down the following nonessential businesses starting tomorrow, 27 March, 2020:

– All cafes and cafeterias.

– Education services and support centers.

– Centers providing arts, theatrical and entertainment services.

– Wedding and event services shops.

– Shoe and watch repair kiosks.

Aside from these, shops opening hours are 6am to 7pm, and they are not allowed to operate at other times.

Vital sectors determined by the Cabinet, food stores, pharmacies, and delivery services including food delivery, are excluded.

In terms of the latest developments, 12 new cases were confirmed today, including 3 cases for Qatari citizens who have returned from Europe, all of whom are subject to quarantine and, thankfully, in a stable condition. I am pleased to announce the recovery of two patients from the disease, which brings the total number of recoveries to forty-three (43) cases.

Brothers and sisters,

We understand that these changes to our lives may cause some confusion, anxiety, boredom, and fear and anticipation. However, we must always remember that staying at homes and applying preventive measures are the most valuable contributions we can make to our society and our country during this crisis. We remind you that the more we all adhere to these procedures, the shorter the crisis, and the more this is taken lightly by some people, the longer the crisis. We assure you that the State of Qatar, with all its entities and authorities, is dedicated to ensuring the continuation of a decent life for all.

Finally, we pray to God to preserve our country and our people from all evil.

Thank you.