Despite the disruption caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the flow of goods, services, food and medical supplies to the local market will remain uninterrupted in Qatar. These supplies are closely monitored to ensure quality and guard against price inflation or monopolistic practices.

What measures are being taken to meet the needs of consumers?+

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry is working to ensure the continued flow of goods, services, food and catering products to the local market without interruption, and at both a high quality and reasonable price.

The Ministry has an integrated system in place for monitoring inventory from the moment it enters the country until it is purchased by the consumer – allowing any shortages or abundance of produce to be quickly identified.

Furthermore, the Ministry has established contracts with suppliers to meet the needs of various commodities and provide alternative resources. The Ministry holds meetings on a regular basis with the relevant companies, including local manufacturers, suppliers and representatives of major commercial outlets.

Should citizens and residents be buying items in bulk?+

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry advises consumers to choose the appropriate time for shopping and to avoid overcrowding. The Ministry further recommends that consumers avoid buying goods and products in high quantities, as goods are widely available at fixed prices in the local market.

What procedures are in place to maintain stable food prices?+

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry carries out regular inspections to monitor prices, ensure availability in markets and prevent monopolistic practices.

The Ministry is constantly monitoring product shortages or increases in prices and will assist sales outlets in case they encounter any problems with supplies. There are dedicated points of contact and an inspector responsible for specific areas ready to intervene when necessary.

Enquiries on face masks and hand sanitisers+

Are people required to wear masks in public?

People are required to wear masks when they leave their homes. The exceptions are when a person is driving a vehicle alone and participating in sports.

Is there a shortage of face masks and hand sanitisers?

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry is monitoring any changes in the market. Following the spread of COVID-19, a meeting was held with sales outlets, pharmacies and suppliers to clarify stock levels of face masks and hand sanitisers in Qatar. Suppliers were informed of the necessity to swiftly supply and provide appropriate options, while outlets and pharmacies were directed to ensure the provision of products and the continued stocking of shelves.

Are the local markets able to meet the demand for hand sanitisers?

Domestic production has contributed to the supply of many local sterilization and disinfectant products, and they are now available in commercial and consumer outlets. Qatar is currently producing over 992,000 litres hand sanitizers per month.

Is there a sufficient stock of food and consumables?+

The State of Qatar maintains a stockpile of food supplies that can satisfy the needs of citizens and residents for long periods of time.

Additionally, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry operates an electronic ecosystem for managing inventory in the country, including a monitoring process carried out in cooperation with the General Customs Authority. This process allows the Ministry to track the movement of goods through markets.

Under Law No. (24) of 2019, traders keep a strategic inventory of food and consumer goods to meet the needs of markets and outlets. Thus, there is an abundance of food and consumer products at suppliers and outlets. Distribution of products from wholesalers to retailers also remains uninterrupted, resulting in no shortage of food and consumer goods.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry has signed 14 contracts to increase the stock of food and consumer commodities in Qatar. These contracts are a part of Qatar’s plan to secure the flow of high-quality imports to the local market in sufficient quantities and at reasonable prices in order to meet the needs of our citizens and residents.

What should the consumer do if they find violations in the market?+

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry urges all consumers to report any violations through the following communication channels:

  • Call center: 16001
  • Email Address:
  • The Ministry of Commerce & Industry social media accounts:
    • Twitter: @MOCIQATAR
    • Instagram: MOCIQATAR
    • @MOCIQATAR mobile application available on iPhone and Android