‘Don’t insult countries, leaders or people’

8 June 2017

“Allah the Whole Mighty said in the Holy Quran: “Dost thou not see how Allah sets forth the similitude of a good word? It is like a good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches reach into heaven.” (Ibrahim, Verse 24).

Based on the principles of our true Islamic religion, our humanitarian values and our authentic Qatari culture, we call on all those who live on this good land to rise and continue to avoid responding similarly to the abuses that spread in various means of mass communication.

We also call upon you to show more responsibility, of which you are well known, and not to insult countries, their leaders or peoples, while guaranteeing the right of every Qatari citizen and resident to express their opinion for showing the truth and reality in a peaceful manner, always keeping in mind the Islamic and Arab values.