Statement by the Government Communications Office in response to Amnesty International Report “All Work, No Pay”

19 September 2019

We are aware of a recent report published by Amnesty International concerning the status of workers in Qatar.

Many of the cases included in the report precede recent legislative amendments – including the establishment of the Committees for the Settlement of Labour Disputes. These have significantly improved the processes and increased the speed for resolving labour disputes.

The report also inaccurately claims that the Workers’ Support and Insurance Fund is not yet operational. In fact, the Fund has already intervened in numerous cases to resolve issues facing guest workers.

Qatar has made substantial progress on labour reforms. We have said, from the outset, that this would take time, resources and commitment. We will continue to work with NGOs, including the International Labour Organization, to ensure that our reforms are far-reaching and effective. Any issues or delays with our system will be addressed comprehensively.