Statement from the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs on Amnesty International Misleading Report on Qatar

26 September 2018

The concerns highlighted by Amnesty International are not tolerated by the State of Qatar. Currently there are legal proceeding underway concerning Mercury MENA. While Mercury MENA no longer operates in Qatar, legal matters will continue and we will conduct a full investigation. We will address any existing issues or violations and remedy any remaining matters.

For years Qatar has worked with the international community on improving laws, regulations and policies concerning guest workers. This is exhibited by the fact that Qatar has the highest level of partnership with organizations like Amnesty. NGOs visit Qatar independently and perform their work without interference.

In the years since we started working collaboratively with the ILO, and organizations including Amnesty, we have aggressively transformed our labour system. Reforms and advances include: abolition of exit permits, introduction of comprehensive wage protection system, and additional policies that protect guest workers from their recruitment to their return. There is always more work to be done on this matter, and we endeavor to be the regional leader on the matter.