Statement by GCO Director in response to The Washington Post

25 July 2017

From the beginning of the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s propaganda campaign against Qatar, Sky News Arabia has been the principal channel used to the blockaders to distribute false information.

This new documentary is a desperate attempt by the UAE and Saudi Arabia to deflect attention from their own failings to counter terrorism and extremism at home.

In their campaign against Qatar the blockaders are spending millions, distorting facts, and harming innocents, but accomplish nothing, because they cannot turn a falsehood into a fact.

When the documentary comes out know what it will and will not include. We know it will include an attempt to make links between Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and Qatar – even though no links exists. We know that it will make no mention of the concrete evidence that funding for the 9/11 attacks were funneled through Dubai, and 15 terrorists from Saudi Arabia and two from the UAE carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Today in America, Saudi Arabia is being sued under the US Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) for its sponsorship of terrorism. When JASTA was being drafted in Congress, the UAE threatened to withhold intelligence cooperation with the United States if the families of 9/11 victims sued the UAE government for compensation.

While the blockading nations waste time and resources on an illegal blockade, Qatar continues to make progress on its commitment to countering terrorism. Qatar is the only GCC country to act on the agreement signed in May by the United States and the GCC to confront Islamic extremism, as well as the only country to sign an MOU with the United States to combat terrorism. Rather than spending time drafting fabricated lists or producing documentaries designed to defend their illegal blockade, we encourage the blockading countries to focus on implementing measures to counter the threat of extremism in their own countries.