HE the Prime Minister Attends a Teachers’ Day Ceremony

5 October 2023

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, bestowed well-deserved honours upon distinguished educators at a Teachers’ Day ceremony. This ceremony, held this morning at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s permanent headquarters served as a gesture of acknowledgement, celebrating the profound selflessness, devotion, and authenticity that these remarkable teachers embody in fulfilling a noble mission that contributes to enriching the future generations of Qatari society.

The event, meticulously organised to align with the occasion of Teachers’ Day, commemorated annually on the 5th of October, commenced with a rendition of Qatar’s National Anthem. The ceremony continued with the screening of a documentary featuring several Qatari school teachers and students, showcasing the significant contributions of Qatari school teachers and their meaningful influence on students and society. Furthermore, the documentary underscored the unwavering support that the State of Qatar dedicates to the field of education.

In a speech she delivered on this occasion, HE Mrs Buthaina bint Ali Al Jabr Al Nuaimi, Minister of Education and Higher Education, praised the teachers’ high status and their passion for giving, saying: “Our annual celebration of Teachers’ Day, graced by the presence of HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, is but one of the many profound gestures that underscore the deep gratitude this honourable profession receives in this great country. This recognition stems from our belief in the pivotal role that teachers play as educators and mentors, shaping generations and fortifying the very foundations of this nation.”

The ceremony was attended by several senior officials, department directors, and school principals from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The State of Qatar remains unwavering in its dedication to the advancement of a multifaceted educational sector, committed to upholding the highest international standards. This commitment aligns with one of the most pivotal pillars driving the Qatar National Vision 2030, a visionary blueprint that aspires to create a competitive knowledge-based economy and innovative workforce adept at meeting the evolving needs of the country and the labour market. Through this pursuit, Qatar is poised to forge a brighter and more prosperous future for its people and the entire nation.