HE Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs launches Ministry of Municipality Strategy 2024-2030

13 June 2024

HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, launched the Ministry of Municipality’s 2024-2030 strategy today, which aims to enhance the quality of life, promote sustainability, foster innovation, provide excellent services and develop advanced infrastructure in Qatar.

Speaking at the event, HE Abdullah bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Attiyah, Minister of Municipality, outlined the strategy’s three key pillars: achieving excellence in services and digital transformation initiatives, strengthening food security and improving living standards by humanising cities.

He said: “We will continue our digital transformation of over 400 services, leveraging AI to accelerate and facilitate service delivery like issuing building permits.” He added that the ministry is set to implement a comprehensive national program to link all government entities with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), reducing costs and enhancing data accessibility.

In addition, the ministry is adopting the latest smart waste management, vehicle tracking and container monitoring systems across the country to increase efficiency and environmental preservation. Addressing global climate change, shrinking agricultural lands and geopolitics, HE the Minister of Municipality affirmed the ministry’s commitment to boosting food security through efficient resource management and stringent food safety standards.

To improve livability, the strategy seeks to increase green spaces, parks, public facilities and beaches, in line with their vision to attract more visitors and investors. The ministry will also collaborate with private sector entities to manage parks, cleaning operations, waste-to-energy conversion and develop citizens’ land plots.

HE the Minister of Municipality, said: “Our initiatives include implementing the Integrated National Solid Waste Program, which involves designing and building a new engineered landfill, closing and greening old landfills, waste separation at the source and increasing recycled materials to protect the environment and promote sustainability.” Moreover, all sectors will strive for European Forum for Quality Management (EFQM) certifications, guaranteeing the consistent delivery of high-quality services.

Recognising the value of its employees in driving these goals, HE the Minister of Municipality revealed that the new strategy also focuses on upskilling national competencies, supporting them in contributing to the country’s development through creating ideal work environments and workforce planning.

The event featured the launch of Himma app, which is part of the Ministry of Municipality’s new strategic project focused on performance evaluation and monitoring.