Qatar Delegation visits Web Summit HQ in Dublin

29 May 2024

A Qatari Delegation, led by Sheikh Jassim bin Mansour Al Thani, Government Communications Office (GCO) Director and Chairman of the Web Summit Qatar Organising Committee, visited the Web Summit headquarters in Dublin, Ireland to review the success of Qatar’s inaugural edition and strategise a roadmap for future events.

The delegation, which included representatives from the GCO, MOI, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Permanent Committee for Organising Conferences, and Qatar Tourism, engaged in a series of collaborative sessions with the Web Summit team to discuss innovation, strategic initiatives, and global activations for Web Summit Qatar.  

During the visit, a fireside chat was hosted by Sheikh Jassim bin Mansour Al Thani and Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit CEO. The two leaders reflected on Web Summit Qatar’s remarkable global debut, with Sheikh Jassim bin Mansour Al Thani noting that, “Web Summit Qatar was a milestone that embodies the ambitions of the State of Qatar to become a leading global centre for technology and innovation, benefiting from its strategic location and its enormous investments in digital infrastructure, which undoubtedly contribute to attracting entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from around the world, enhancing the country’s digital environment and technology landscape.”

Cosgrave emphasised the vital role that startups play at Web Summit, highlighting plans to increase their participation at Web Summit Qatar 2025 by 50%; “I think Web Summit Qatar left everyone with a lasting and significant impression that will grow over time,” he added. “We had the largest number of startups participating in a first-year Web Summit event, anywhere in the world. Their eyes were certainly opened when they came to Qatar.”

By leveraging Web Summit alongside other initiatives, Qatar aims to accelerate the growth of its technological economy, foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, develop human capital, and establish itself as a leading force in the global tech landscape. This strategic vision will engage a diverse global audience, attract top C-suite speakers, increase global visibility through strategic media partnerships, and further establish Qatar as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.