The Council of Ministers approves draft resolution regulating Health Care Services in Qatar

18 May 2022

During its regular meeting at the Amiri Diwan today, the Council of Ministers approved Draft Resolution no. 22 of 2021, Regulating Health Care Services in the State of Qatar.

Based on the draft resolution, Qatari citizens will receive healthcare services at government health facilities, while non-Qatari workers will need a private health insurance to receive basic healthcare services.

The draft resolution sets out the obligations of the parties as part of the new insurance system, including employers, recruiters, insurance companies and healthcare providers.

The Ministry of Public Health took on the responsibility of setting out the standards for the provision of healthcare services in governmental and private health facilities, in addition to the provision and supervision of mandatory health insurance.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Health undertakes to provide an integrated, high-quality healthcare system that is efficient and sustainable, while working to develop and maintain compulsory health insurance.

For more information, details about the new draft resolution are outlined below: