Web Summit Lisbon 2023 Showcased a Remarkable Qatari Presence

19 November 2023

Web Summit 2023, which was hosted last week in Lisbon, Portugal, featured notable Qatari presence as the Gulf State prepares to host the world’s biggest technology event for the first time in the MENA Region. This marks the beginning of a five-year tenure starting in February 2024.  

The State of Qatar’s delegation participating in the Web Summit Lisbon included the Ministry of Interior, the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Government Communications Office, Qatar Tourism, the Qatar Financial Center, the Media City, the Qatar Investment Authority, and the Investment Promotion Agency and Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). 

Qatar’s pavilions at the summit welcomed global visitors eager to learn more about Web Summit Doha 2024 through 2028. Attendees engaged in discussions about the technology sector’s rapid growth in Qatar, the government’s robust support for startups and tech innovation, the significant investments in IT infrastructure, a strategic emphasis on emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and the optimal business environment fostered in the country.

Several participants at Web Summit Lisbon showed great interest in the upcoming summit in Qatar. Notably, a multitude of tech and innovation experts, practitioners, as well as companies and institutions working within the tech and investment industry, have actively registered for the Doha Summit. The event has garnered significant attention from global tech enthusiasts since the release of tickets on the official website for Web Summit Qatar 2024.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, His Excellency Sheikh Jassim bin Mansour bin Jabor Al Thani, Director of the Government Communications Office reiterated Qatar’s preparedness to host the Web Summit for the next five years. Emphasizing the nation’s world-class IT infrastructure and proven track record in hosting major global events, he highlighted the strategic importance of hosting the Web Summit. This initiative aligns with Qatar’s broader strategy to become a regional technology hub, uniting brilliant minds across diverse tech fields. 

His Excellency further states: “Qatar’s engagement in the Web Summit has provided us with a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise with some of the IT world’s top innovators and pioneers. This platform enabled us to foster partnerships, highlight our significant potential to attract investments and solidify Qatar’s position as a leading investment destination, particularly in the tech and entrepreneurship sectors. We assure the global tech community an exceptional Web Summit in Doha next February.”

Katherine Maher, Web Summit CEO, said that the upcoming Web Summit in Doha is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate that technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are not exclusive to a certain city or region, noting that the summit is an exceptional event that enables people to seize economic opportunities and confront challenges in their countries and regions.

“Doha’s distinctive location is a highlight of the summit, seeing as it facilitates access to South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The country also boasts seamless travel options, a favorable business environment, attractive investment opportunities and state-of-the-art infrastructure, making the upcoming event both a pivotal moment and a wonderful opportunity. The Middle East emerges as a highly promising digital market, boasting an approximate population of 350 million, and presents opportunities for genuine innovation. It serves as a strategic region for spearheading advancements in the future of the web and the tech industry.”  

Qatar stands as the region’s most business-friendly environment, facilitating the establishment of companies through streamlined processes across various accessible platforms. The country prioritizes efficiency with expedited procedures for business setup and operation, ensuring sustainable growth in a stable, secure, and opportune environment. Notably, Qatar constantly ranks among the world’s safest countries, adding an extra layer of confidence for businesses operating within its borders.

On the digital transformation side, Qatar has successfully elevated its digital infrastructure, providing competitive advantages in a variety of tech fields. The nation is steadfastly committed to promoting and disseminating digital transformation solutions across all sectors, aligning with the Qatar Digital Government Strategy to enhance the digital infrastructure of the ICT sector. Additionally, there is ongoing development of smart cities nationwide, presenting additional investment opportunities, particularly in the promising tech industry.

The world’s largest annual tech event in Lisbon was attended by over 70,000 participants representing 153 countries, including over 2600 startups, about 1000 investors and more than 2100 media representatives over a three-day period. Anticipating Web Summit Qatar in February 2024, the event aims to converge the globe’s foremost entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and tech enthusiasts for an unparalleled gathering of innovation and collaboration.