Statement by the Government Communications Office in response to Amnesty International’s report regarding repatriated workers

15 April 2020

The State of Qatar rejects Amnesty International’s allegations concerning the status of workers repatriated due to their illegal activity.

Since the start of the coronavirus global pandemic, Amnesty International has committed a disproportionate amount of time and resources to making unfounded allegations against Qatar. They consistently distort the reality of the public health response and fail to acknowledge the numerous measures introduced to protect the wellbeing of citizens and residents. Qatar’s response to Coronavirus has been driven by the highest international standards of public health policy and in the promotion and protection of human rights.

Qatar made clear to Amnesty International why certain workers were repatriated: During routine inspections as part of the government’s Coronavirus control measures, officials uncovered individuals engaged in illegal and illicit activity. This included the manufacture and sale of banned and prohibited substances, along with the sale of dangerous food goods that could seriously threaten the health of people if consumed.

The individuals were repatriated to their country of citizenship in accordance with Qatar’s legal system. The discovery of illegal activities preceded the Industrial Area public health quarantine.

In their report, Amnesty International made several claims regarding the conditions under which individuals were arrested and then detained. The government rejects these allegations, which are based on the testimony of individuals who have been repatriated as a result of their involvement in illegal activity. The State of Qatar treats all who are arrested or detained in our country with respect, dignity and humanity in line with international standards.