The Government Communications Office’s statement in response to Amnesty International Report “Reality Check”

6 February 2019

The Government of the State of Qatar welcomes Amnesty International’s continued interest and scrutiny of labour systems in Qatar and the wider region.

From the outset, we have said that we understood labour reform would be a journey and not an end in itself. We have publicly stated, and restate here, our commitment to labour reform so that Qatar would have a suitable labour system that is fair to employers and employees alike.

Far from seeing time as running out, the Government of the State of Qatar understands further change is needed and we remain committed to developing these changes as quickly as possible, while ensuring they are effective and appropriate for our labour market conditions. Practical, efficient and lasting change takes time and that is what we have committed to.

We also understand the importance of ensuring labour laws are effectively enforced. This is why we have not hesitated to make examples of individuals or companies who fail to adhere to Qatar’s laws. In the first half of 2018, 11,994 companies were penalized or banned from operating for violating Qatar’s labour laws.

Qatar will continue to engage and work with governments, international Organizations and NGOs, as partners and advisors on labour reforms.