Qatar Launches Third National Development Strategy 2024-2030

10 January 2024

HE Ibrahim bin Ali Al Hassan Al Mohannadi, Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, presented today the results of the Cabinet’s discussion on the Third National Development Strategy 2024-2030 – which marks the final phase of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Since launching the National Vision in 2008, Qatar has made significant strides by leveraging energy sector revenues to build world-class infrastructure and institutions.

During the first phase of development, several key national institutions were established, including the Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar Airways and Qatar Foundation. The second phase saw the development of world-class infrastructure, which supported the country’s resilience – including during the COVID-19 pandemic – and contributed to the success of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

The new strategy aims to strengthen Qatar’s ability to face challenges and transform it into an advanced society by 2030. The strategy aims to achieve the following:

  • Sustainable Economic Growth

Accelerate economic growth at an average annual growth rate of 4% until 2030 by expanding the production of gas, supporting the sectors contributing to economic diversification and creating specialised economic clusters. Additionally, Qatar aims to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem supported by the private sector and increase workforce productivity by 2% annually.

  • Financial Sustainability

Establish a sustainable and resilient medium-term general budget framework with healthy levels of debt and increase the contributions of non-oil sectors to boost government revenues.

  • Versatile Workforce

Improve employment policies to raise the percentage of skilled workers to 46%.  Qatar is set to employ more than 20% of the Qatari workforce in the private and public-private sectors.

  • Cohesive Society

Build and strengthen strong families by expanding policies that support childbearing and marriage and increase women’s ability to enter the workforce. In addition, the strategy will raise fertility rates to reach an average of three births per woman, launch in-home care services for the elderly, develop strategies to prevent domestic violence and expand social centres for people with disabilities.

  • High Standard of Living

Providing a high standard of living to improve the well-being of Qataris and position Qatar as a global destination. This includesdeveloping key areas, such as education, healthcare, entertainment, culture, environment, and public safety.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Ensure the effective management and protection of environmental resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by optimising electricity and water consumption, improving production efficiency and encouraging the use of sustainable transport.

  • Distinguished Government Entities

Establishing world-class government and e-government services, so that the customer satisfaction rate reaches a minimum of 85%, with 90% of services digitised.  This will be achieved by increasing system integration and data exchange between government entities.